Old English Sheepdogs

Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
Betty Ditzik

All Rhoad Puppies Come with Beautiful Tails
I have been a member of
The Old English Sheepdog Club Of America
from the early 1990's to 2019.
Also a past member of the Old English Sheepdog Owners Club Of Canada.

Puppies that are healthy, sweet tempered, and beautiful, is what Rhoad OES has been doing since 1994. All of our puppied come with the beautiful tails they were born with. Our dogs line goes back to the Pickwick Old English Sheepdog line. We have many champions and many "Best In Show" dogs. We even go back to an Old English Sheepdog that won "Best In Show" at the Westminster Dog Show in New York.

Each puppy gets more than just lots of love and attention, before I let any of them go for sale, I also give my puppies a special nutritional program to ensure their extreme good health. I have added new information about how I keep my dogs extremely healthy on my nutrition page.

I am listed in the book Old English Sheepdog Complete Owners Manual, under "Choosing The Right Dog" in chapter 7. Thank you to George Hoppendale and Asia Moore for including me in this very short list!


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