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All Rhoad Puppies Come with Beautiful Tails

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Puppy Tails - All Puppies Come with Tails

All healthy puppies are born with a tail. Their designer did not make a mistake that I need to correct. I feel the tail is necessary for good health.

Old English Sheepdog Tail History

Tail Removal

In the U.S. the OES puppy tails are removed when the puppies are 3 to 5 days old. The reason for this goes back 200 years ago to rural England where a working dog was not taxed. A working dog was defined as a dog with out a tail. The process of tail removal is also called "docking."

Countries Ban Tail Docking

Many countries around the world have banned tail docking. Some of these countries are, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Cyprus, and the Virgin Islands.

Is Tail Docking Painful?

Does it hurt a puppy to have its tail removed? I can only go by my two decades of breeding Old English Sheepdogs. I had tails surgically removed, and I have had tails banded. I have used six different veternarians over the years. The results are the same. The puppies scream and cry with pain, sometimes for many hours. I have had three puppies die from the procedure and I have seen a puppy go into shock. I have seen most of the stitches come apart because the mother licks them. I have seen many of the tail dockings become infected. I love my breed, but I dread the day the tails come off.

Sheepdogs with Beautiful Tails

Puppies with Tails from Betty Ditzik on Vimeo.

Bella with the Beautiful Tail from Betty Ditzik on Vimeo.

Sheepdogs with Lovely Tails from Betty Ditzik on Vimeo.

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